Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Music: 12am in Valjevo (Move On)

New Release: "12am in Valjevo (Move On)" off of Chapter 3 of SB Babyy's "The Journey to Swiperboy V" mixtape series.

Download Link: Click here

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Journey to Swiperboy V Chapter 2

SB releases Chapter 2 of the 8 mixtape series "The Journey to Swiperboy V"

The journey continues with Chapter 2.

SB Babyy - The Journey to Swiperboy V - Chapter 2

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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Journey to Swiperboy V Chapter 1

SB starts his new "The Journey to Swiperboy V" series off by releasing Chapter 1
The beginning to an 8 part story.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Swiperboy releases new "Fluid" slow jam

#NewMusicFridays continue as SB releases new slow jam called "Fluid"

SB takes it RnB as he sings on his new smooth slow jam track called "Fluid". The song will be featured on the first installment of his upcoming "The Journey to Swiperboy V" series. 


Sunday, November 17, 2013

New "Valladolid" Going International

SB's new "Valladolid" is getting international attention in Spain
Renaldo Woolridge aka SB Babyy or to many as "Swiperboy", is currently playing basketball professionally in Spain. While training in a city known as Valladolid, SB decided to take his music international by creating a relationship-themed love song named after the city. The song is about SB meeting a girl in Spain who becomes a fan of his music and also loves his hometown of Los Angeles, CA. He expresses how she has made an imprint on his life, and wants to get to know her in the little amount of time he has left in Spain.

"Valladolid" can be downloaded on SB's upcoming mixtape series "The Journey to Swiperboy V"


Yo quiero un chica de Espana
Valladolid, Valladolid.


Look baby girl, I'm from Hollywood
You're a Spanish girl, from what I've understood
You want me to take you to the stars?
Well that's basic,
and let's face it,
no spaceship but I probably could
I'm SB
You might have heard of me around the world
I play a little ball
But every baller need a girl
I saw you at the mall
I was on a phone call
You were hangin' with your friends
I was hangin' with my dawgs

But I remember you, bonita
Muy sexy mamacita
You were chillin' with your chicas
You told me meet you in Juanitas

Look, solo tengo un poco tiempo en Espana
I promise I'll find ya
You finer than China
You lookin' like WOW
From Madrid to Valencia over to Bilbao
I'm just trying to make a way for this statement to go down
SBYZ we up in your town

Hola, como te llamas?
Tienes un novio?
She say no, but she's lying like Pinocchio
I'm just here for the ride like a Rodeo
I want a XO on The Weeknd no OVO

I leave soon
Don't miss your chance
Quieres bailar?
One last dance?


I think I'm feeling this girl who said she from
Valladolid (x3)

Pienso que quiero un chica que es de
Valladolid (x3) 


I'm just a dude from LA
I'm in your city today
What you tryin' to display?
I aint about the Bull
I aint tryin' to Olay
I'mma keep it too real
You aint got to be fake
Ok we posted at the Rio
My swagger is through the roof
She say she heard that I'm famous
and sayin' she needed proof
She saw that I got that Blue Check
El cheque de Azul
she told me "you couldn't be"
I told her I break the rules

I'm a fool with it
Turn your chick to a pool with it
Times get hard we don't quit
If I have a dream then I'm gon' get it
Quieres ir al centro
Conmigo por ejemplo
todo que dices escuchando attento

Un beso para recordar
Un corazon para encontrar

You special
Thoughts of you, I'll never let go
Mi amor de Espana


I think I'm feeling this girl who said she from
Valladolid (x3)

Pienso que quiero un chica que es de
Valladolid (x3)