Saturday, August 13, 2011

You really thought I was done?

First off, I want to thank all my fans for the incredible support. In this past week I've been blessed to see the crazy amount of people who have been touched and affected by my music over the years. Between my vol related viral songs (orange white, eric berry, Never Leave You like Kiffin, Yes I Can, Vol in Love, Volunteer Vixen, Footvol, Baller Vol..etc) and my 10 mixtapes (swiperboy, swiperboy II, Swiperboy III, Swiperboy IV, HipHops New Answer, Break Thru, FaceTime, Chillin on the Moon, iSing iRap and upcoming Zazzzle), numerous music videos and concerts, I have developed an endless appreciation for my fans.

As I'm climbing up the hip-hop radar and having the ability to realistically go after the title "Hip-Hops Rookie of the year", I am faced with a lot of flack and resentment for my aspirations. It doesn't effect me. I apologize to my fans for letting you feel you could doubt me, but I would and will NEVER turn my back on yall.

So let me make this statement loud and clear...and if you know me you know this about me: I WILL NEVER QUIT! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAM. That's not even in my genetic make up TO quit. I don't know what that is. I know the haters were excited when they actually thought I would be done rapping forever. Ha....false. Music has helped me get through a lot, and is a part of me. I will never give it up.

Zazzzle, yes, will be my last mixtape. There are a few reasons. For 1, I am THE hooper/rapper. To fully carry out that title I have to be the best I can be in BOTH.


With that being said, when my season starts, the music stops. I want to dedicate my 100 percent to my team, coaches, basketball fans, and the game. I urge you all to follow @RWoolridge3 and my journey.

I feel Zazzzle is good enough to carry my music through April 2012. This is it....Once my season is over, I will begin working on a Studio Album called "Crossover" to be in stores under my label.. and even though SB will be on hold, my record label Swiperboy Entertainment will just be beginning. Every single artist, producer, dj, affiliate to my label knows their role and are ready to take over. We are the new YOUNG MONEY. We are SBYZ (Stay By Your Zone, Stand By Your Zone, Swag By Your Zone). They will keep the music alive. And the Takeover.

Now, I do have a treat for all of my vol/swiperboy fans, and pure music fans. A bonus track off of Zazzzle called "Teach me how to Dooley". Shoutout to Cali Swag District and "Teach Me How To Dougie". Being from Cali, I felt the need to give football fans something new, and all my UT people some west coast flavor. Something to keep the fans entertained. I will upload the song with the dance tomorrow. I will never quit.



  1. Swiperboy,
    Your doin a great job, your great at what you, and you inspire others. Keep on doin what you love to do!! I would also like to thank you for the shout out on iSing iRap in the Twitter Interlude "rkeene13". Study Hard, Practice Hard, and have fun. Both my parents are UT grads, and I am workin on goin there too. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into your music and GO VOLS!!
    Robert Keene

  2. Currently we have been working on two new project called Certified Mixtapez
    and Free Mixtapes .
    However we are trying to get all the DJs involve with this project.